The workshop for climate positive makers

Silbersee has stated the radical ambition that it will be a climate positive production house for opera by, at the latest, 2027. Our drive is not only to create a poetical reflection on society, but also to play a vanguard role in developing sustainabilty. It is beyond doubt that, like everyone else, the theatre arts must embrace sustainability. Artistic consequences that ensue from this should not be shunned. 

Manifesto: the eight basic principles 

In order to clearly communicate the goals that we intend to achieve, we have drafted a manifesto that concisely states the eight basic principles that we will base our productions on. 

Download here the manifesto

Waterwende: climate positive makers at work

As a maker at the Waterwende workshop, you will undertake a two-year journey during which you will be coached towards a climate positive production practice. After that, you may go your own way, although it is imaginable that you maintain a continued working association with us.Annually, we are welcoming two makers (or maker collectives) that have a strong affinity with the Silbersee manifesto. During your stay you will be shaping your future (dreams/ideals) while creating theatre art wherein, as always at Silbersee, the voice is key. You will be supported in different ways: not only artistically (by the artistic director) and dramaturgically, but also at the business and production level. Your work will be part of our season and will be publicised in our communications. 
Being an innovating company, Silbersee would, through the Waterwende workshop, like to see itself inspired and invigorated by an annual crop of excellent, climate positive talents, and thereby speed up the adoption of sustainability within the sector. 

Please note: Silbersee does its own scouting for makers in an annual round. However, if you think that you have something to contribute in the way of climate positive theatre art, or if you would like to draw our attention to the work of someone else, please send an e-mail to