Waterwende 22/23

Climate-positive makers at work in new studio

'Is biobased for lefties? Is the climate crisis a hoax? Should we stand idly by as sea levels rise or can the tide still be turned?' Kaleidoscopic company Silbersee wants to use voices and art forms to take an important position on how to deal with our earth by becoming fully sustainable themselves. 

Waterwende is Silbersee's new studio, a space for research & development, a place for experimental creations, where sustainability is central and, for example, attention is paid to circularity. In 2022, we will start with the first batch of makers who can spend a year uninterrupted immersing themselves in a self-developed innovative project that deserves to be shown to society. The only condition we set is that they commit to the manifesto written by Silbersee. 

Pitching for the Green Parliament 
From all submissions, ten makers will eventually be invited to come and pitch before the "Green Parliament"; a motley crew in which people of very diverse profiles are represented: children, youth, the elderly, local residents and professionals. The pitches will take place on Saturday, July 2, 2022. The parliament will select four chosen ones at the end of that day. 

Compensation and guidance
The selected creators will receive a budget of up to 20,000 euros (depending on the plan) to develop their idea and present the result a year later. Silbersee provides artistic and production support where desired. During the season, in fall, winter, and spring, all creators meet physically to discuss progress with each other and with the Green Parliament.


o The deadline to apply for Waterwende 22/23 has passed. Keep an eye on this page for new dates and more news. 

o On June 6 at the earliest, we will announce which 10 creators get to pitch their idea and have a chance to win a spot within the studio. 

 o The pitches will take place on Saturday, July 2, 2022 in front of the Green Parliament. 

o On the same day, the four chosen creators will be announced. 

o From September 2022 through July 2023, they will develop the idea into a performance or presentation under the guidance of Silbersee. In the fall, winter and spring there will be a physical meeting with the Green Parliament and others to discuss progress and show interim results. 

o In the summer of 2023, the works created will be shown publicly. 

o For more background information, see: https://www.silbersee.com/naar2027 or email: waterwende@silbersee.com