Let’s inspire each other
Silbersee stands for: unorthodox, engaging and disarming. We are a vibrant collective of creators and artists who challenge each other and inspiring one another to tell new stories. Not just for ourself, but also for our audiences.

Just like many other organisations, we too have to respond creatively to the current situation, and all the challenges coming with it. The cultural sector in general, and more directly our young creators, producers, technicians—who are mostly freelancers—are hit hard. Behind the scenes, Silbersee is working hard to come up with creative solutions and ideas for this new situation. To help us to continue ‘as usual’ when we will come into a new normal, we could surely use your support. You can send us a one-time contribution, or support us throughout a longer period.

One-Off Donation
With your gift, we will be able to present new productions in the upcoming season, and support our young creators with our talent development trajectory. You can send your contribution to NL28 ABNA 0628 3752 71, citing ‘Silbersee Support,' or a so-called Tikkie.

Longterm Support
You can also support us with a recurring gift. To support us longterm you'll have to fill out a form, which can be downloaded here. Or we can send it to you by post. If you decide to do so, we would love to keep you posted on the developments at Silbersee. Also we'd like to invite you to premieres and try-outs, once we returned to our usual situation. 

If you have any questions on supporting Silbersee, you can contact Katrien Sitters.