SPR!TZL logo

  • Spr!tzl is a initiative under the final responsibility of music theatre production house Silbersee.

  • Spr!tzl is a new studio that creates space for artforms that don’t yet exist. Spr!tzl is looking for innovative makers and performers with an original idea they would like to develop in season ’18-’19.

  • Spr!tzl is calling for submissions to the Spr!tzl pitch on 7 July 2018 at A Lab. Artists are invited from every artistic discipline imaginable – anything from spoken word to opera, from rap to dance, from grunge to cyberart.

  • The idea should not previously have been publicly performed.

  • You will have the chance to win a budget of up to €15.000 to develop your idea into a performance with a maximum duration of 40 minutes.

  • An interdisciplinary jury will choose the three makers. The five judges are: Roni Haver (Club Guy & Roni), Arnold Marinissen (Conservatorium van Amsterdam), Joop Mulder (Oerol, Sense of Place), Mark Timmer (Frascati) en Romain Bischoff (Silbersee).

  • The jury will judge the pitches according to the following criteria: artistic quality, peculiar and interdisciplinary characteristics, and feasibility.

  • The pitches should enable the jury to gain a wide impression of the qualities of the maker(s). After the pitches, the jury members will consider their decision, and will have an opportunity to put extra questions to the candidates.

  • In addition to the development budget, each maker or group will receive a 150-hour support package from Silbersee, including artistic, administrative, productional, technical and promotional assistance. The details of the mentorship will be arranged in cooperation with Spr!tzl’s creative producer.

  • Silbersee works in partnership with a range of leading artists, who will act as mentors within Spri!tzl.

  • The results will be presented during the second edition of Spr!tzl Final in July 2019.

Team Spr!tzl

Artistic director Romain Bischoff
Artistic assistant Juliette van Ingen
Production manager & PR Björn van Raaij

For more information or questions, please contact Björn van Raaij.