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Through the valley

Dance, music and video projections coexist together in a dark fairy tale that will challenge the moral view of the audience. The themes of pedophilia, transgenderism and drug addiction are shown in a different light, triggering a constant shift of sympathy between the audience and this bunch of unlikely antiheros.

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concept/ Director Manuel Kiros Paolini | music Jonathan Bonny (Composition), Eelke Mastebroek (Guitar), Andy Smart (Vocals) | dramaturgy Sander Roux | performersAgnese Fiocchi, Sander Roux, Milan Schudel, Andy Smart, Sonia Zwolska | light Sanne Hensen | costume Design Klaudia Stavreva | stage design Lisa Edberg, Elena Popova, Nadejda Trifonova (Academie Minerva, Time Based Design) | video projections David Boersma, Linh Le, Gabriela Kodzhabasheva (Academie Minerva, Time Based Design)

special thanks to: Silbersee, Hendrik Aerts, Martin Lambeek, Roni Haver, Rinse de Jong, Gert Jan Mulder, Janine de Weerd

Bowie Verschuuren