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Spr!tzl is the studio for young makers run by production house Silbersee. It’s a research and development space for experimental creations. We challenge makers with performances, compositions, installations and/or other innovative ideas to apply. The only requirement is that your project should be interdisciplinary. Do you fit the bill as a dancer, urban cyber artist, or maybe curator? Does your project explore or cross boundaries? Do you find it easy to upset the status quo? Sign up now for the Spr!tzl Pitch.

For the third year in succession, Silbersee is inviting extraordinary artists and performers to pitch their work to an expert jury. You could win the opportunity to realise your plan over a season, with artistic and administrative coaching from a professional team and a starting budget of €10,000.

The pitch will take place on 30 June 2019. You can take part either as an individual or a group. If you are among the three selected makers, you will present your work during the next edition of the Spr!tzl festival in July 2020, and you stand a chance of winning the Spr!tzl prize! Submit your application no later than 1 June 2019.