stille nacht am silbersee

a musical pilgrimage with Ariane Schluter

Even though it is not over yet, 2020 can already be deemed an intense year. On a drunken ship, left at the mercy of the current, we sail towards a misty future. In this Stille Nacht (Quiet Night), the travel at sea is a metaphor for life, and the ocean a god-like main character that knows the fate of the boat.

Rimbaud’s famous poem The Drunken Ship, the only transcripted sermon by Vincent van Gogh, Hokusai’s famous statue The Great Wave and other iconic sea sceneries form the basis for a winter night in which singing, cello and text come together in a meditative concert about hope, despair, doubt and consolation. With actress Ariane Schluter, we try to grasp the events of our current time.

After the successful edition with Arthur Japin (2017), Anna Enquist (2018) and Glenn Helberg (2019), Silbersee has invited top actress Ariane Schluter as a new winter guest for a meditative program, rich in voices, in the run-up to Christmas. Schluter, who won the Gouden Kalf and Theo D’Or twice, used to perform at Het Nationale Toneel and has played the main character to the feature film Lucia de B and the series Noord/Zuid.

In this edition, Silbersee challenges pianist and composter Martin Fondse to create a new, winter-like oratory, inspired by the sounds of Arvo Pärt and Claude Debussy. The libretto is written by writers Joachim Robbrecht and Artun Alaska Arasli.

Romain Bischoff (1961) is Silbersee’s artistic leader. Bischoff started his career as solist for Les Arts Florissants and developed himself into a diverse singers with a specialism in contemporary opera. As musical director, Bischoff has added many productions and about forty premieres to his name, amongst them primal operas Dijkdrift and Aardappelvreters, Vivier’s KopernikusHomo Instrumentalis and Daral Shaga. A bridgebuilder pur sang, he navigates easily between different disciplines in the art world, pursuing a richness of co-creations with creators and groups from all corners of the cultural field: from urban to classical, from writer to circus performer and from dance to visual arts.

Top actress Ariane Schluter (1966) played many roles in films, television series and theater groups like Orkater and Het Nationale Toneel. Coming season, once again she can be seen in the reprise of People, Places & Things by Toneelgroep Oostpool. She’s been praised with a Gouden Kalf and a Theo d’Or. In 2010, she received the Theo Mann Bouwmeesterring for her work as actress.

A diverse pianist and composer of jazz and contemporary classical music, Martin Fondse enjoys to explore the boundaries between different genres like classical music, jazz, latin and world music. This crossover is at the base of Stille Nacht am Silbersee. Fondse regularly works with artists like Pat Metheny, Eric Vloeimans and Mariza. He is also often invited to compose for orchestras, amongst them the Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest and the Metropole Orkest. His music could be heard at influential festivals like North Sea Jazz and Holland Festival. In 2017 he won the prestigious Boy Edgar Price.

Joachim Robbrecht (1979) is a playwright, director and performer. From 2006, he started to create his own shows for, among others, Wunderbaum and Dood Paard, including a series of youth works for Toneelgroep Oostpool

that were awarded with a Zilveren (Silver) and Gouden (Golden) Krekel. In 2019 he created a show both for Toneelgroep Oostpool and NTGent. For his work, Robbrecht digs deep to find the political and historical layers that create the base for our contemporary mentality. Previously, Robbrecht has worked with Silbersee to create the tekst for youth show Lev, a co-production with Theater Sonnevanck. For Stille Nacht am Silbersee he created the libretto in collaboration with Artun Alaska Arasli. 

Jawa Manla (1996) is one of th biggest musical talents of Syria. Already at a young age, she toured as professional musician through Egypt, Lebanon, Oman and Turkey. She performed with reputable orchestras and was taught by the biggest ud-players. Ini 2009, she won a scholarschip, during a prestigious international ud-concours, which allowed her to pursue education from Lebanese ud-master Sharbel Rohana. Manla has her own ensemble named Ensemble Qasyon. She has also worked with the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble and Caravan. 

Raphaela Danksagmüller (1971) finished her recorder degree cum laude, after which she continued her studies at the Conservatory of Asterdam with Walter van Hauwe. Subsequently, she studied duduk with Gevorg Dabaghyan in Yerevan, Armenia. Danksagmüller was a guest player for amongst others the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, the Residentie Orkest, the Nederlands Kamerkoor, the Nederlands Ballet Orkest and the Bratislava Opera Orchestra. She harbors a deep fascination for traditional instruments, especially shepherd’s instruments like the Armenian duduk and the Slovakian fujara. At Silbersee she could previously been seen in Dido Dido.

Concept and musical direction Romain Bischoff |  Libretto Joachim Robbrecht en Artun Alaska Arasli | Composer Martin Fondse

Winterguest Ariane Schluter | Performers Ariane Schluter, Martin Fondse, Raphaela Danksagmüller en Jawa Manla

Lighting design Jeroen Smith | Light Arne Haijtink | Sound Wouter Snoei | Producer Jimmy-Pierre de Graaf | Production Esmée Rendering | PR and Marketing Dagmar Bokma en Mara Liza de Bakker

Made possible by LiraFonds en Fonds Podiumkunsten

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