One Hundred Years - Yannis Kyriakides

World Premiere in Concergebouw Amsterdam

This year, our appreciated colleague and collaborator Gaudeamus has existed for 75 years. They will celebrate this during Gaudeamus Muziekweek, from 9 to 13 September online and on location in Utrecht, but also during several concerts throughout the whole country with brand new commissioned works of composers who are tightly related to Gaudeamus.

One of those composers is Yannis Kyriakides. He is seen as one of the leading and innovating Dutch composers of the past decennia. In his work an important role is saved for electronics and his musical Cypriotic roots, by means of an intriguing mix of styles and influences. As composer and sound artist Kyriakides is always in search for hybrid forms and a recurring theme in his work is the question what his music actually communicaties, which relation between experience, emotion and language it involves, and how those components shape and influence our experience of sound.

Silbersee feels strongly related to his artistic mission, and has greatly enjoyed working together with him on productions like Homo Instrumentalis and Naked Lunch, and is therefore warmly suggesting the world premiere of One Hundred Years, on Saturday 19 September in Concertgebouw Amsterdam, in which a couple Silbersee singers are also participating.

Besides One Hundred Years, during this concert you will also enjoy the Radio Filharmonisch Orkest (Radio Philharmonic Orchestra) and pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard who will play Bartóks Piano Concerto No. 3. On top of this, the orchestra, lead by Karina Canellakis, will play Stravisnky's intriguing ballet Agon. It promises to be a great afternoon!

Yannis Kyriakides has received the Johan Wagenaar Price. This composer's price is only granted once every four years for a whole oeuvre. The jury writes in its report:

"Kyriakides is not afraid to question every work that he writes. His oeuvre shows an exploring soul who has never lost the joy of playing, and playfulness. Methodicly and dedicated, he is working on a grand oeuvre of high quality, characterized by a richness in ideas and an unavoidable mark of electronics and extra-musical elements."

Past performances

  • Saturday 19 September 2020 – 13:00ConcertgebouwAmsterdam