about us

Silbersee is a kaleidoscopic troupe. A somewhat chaotic family of kindred spirits around singer and farmer's son Romain Bischoff. We are rooted in opera, but open wide the windows and doors to idiosyncratic talents from a wide variety of genres and disciplines. With the voice as the primal instrument, we give sound to that which needs to be heard. The things that truly matter; themes such as inclusion, ecology and artificial intelligence. We enjoy working with others and making performances about the world of today and the world of the future. Towards greater sustainability.

 We are curious, always searching and constantly evolving. We love to experiment and celebrate every failure. Along the way, we face challenges such as aging, racism and urbanization. We feel the urgency to speak out. To mix, to brew and to plough. And to always look for new art forms, extraordinary cross-pollinations and unexpected outcomes. Opera is for everyone. Really. Whether you're a farmer, barber or director. Silbersee is there for people, for animals, for earth. Our voices count, but so do yours. From radical left to radical right. 

Our ambitions are big. We want to play the role of pioneer and innovator in the field. Not only artistically, but also socially. Our goal is therefore to be a climate-positive production house in 2027 and to no longer have any negative effect on the environment, on raw material resources and on society. Read more about our path to 2027 here. 

Silbersee can be found on small and large stages, festivals and at unexpected indoor and outdoor locations and receives structural funding from the Performing Arts Fund and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.

Zeeburgerdijk 84
1094 AG Amsterdam

E-mail: info@silbersee.com
Rekeningnummer: NL28ABNA0628375271

KVK nummer: 341 803 29
BTW nummer: 811 098 722 B01

Rooted in the canon of Monteverdi, Mozart and Stockhausen, we bridge the gap to today's world. We enter into intense collaborations with creators and performers who want to break the boundaries of their own discipline to join us in breathing new life into the opera genre. We combine craftsmanship with a distinct love of experimentation. 

Experimentation and co-creation is in our blood. We go back to the origins of opera, to the chemistry of a collective that - like four hundred years ago - treads uncharted paths together, artists willing to go beyond their learned skills, surrendering to their own naked artistry. There is no traditional score in which everything is fixed, no script, no orchestra carrying the ensemble from the orchestra pit, no conductor leading. The performers on stage carry the entire performance. According to this method, our "primal creations in opera" are born.  

Our performances are accessible because the primary weapon of opera is emotion, the ability to literally "move" the audience. That emotion arises from the direct contact between the performers and the audience. This is what makes Silbersee unique: opera in its most intimate and intense form. 

Social commitment
In addition to artistic innovation, we value the social anchoring of our work. Both on stage and behind the scenes, we engage with important themes such as inclusion, ecology, artificial intelligence and their impact on humans. We made performances about the power relationship of humans to technology (Homo Instrumentalis) and about the impact of technology on our mortality (Dorian Gray). We highlighted (even before the nitrogen crisis) the tensions between city life and peasant life (Potato Eaters), and made a performance about discrimination and inequality (Silent Night with Glenn Helberg). 

Together with Bärbel Kühn, Romain Bischoff founded the Netherlands Vocal Laboratory (VocaalLab) in 2002 with the goal of specializing a pool of young singers in contemporary vocal music and innovative music theater. In addition, performing at extraordinary venues, collaborating with creators from other disciplines and working with both established and young composers were among the core activities. Steadily, the institution grew into a production core for groundbreaking musical theater and opera productions. This development was sealed in 2014 with a new name: Silbersee.

Romain Bischoff general and artistic director | Jan Van Den Bossche dramaturge & editor | Jimmy-Pierre de Graaf artistic development & (inter)national relations | Imke van Herk pr & marketing | Stella van Himbergen manager sustainability | Juliette van Ingen movement coach & confidant | Dominique Slegers creatief producent| Katrien Sitters business manager

Piet van Gennip (chairman ad interim), Natascha Knobbout (treasurer), Gilbert Vanblarcum (board member), Harald Tepper, Marisa Monsanto 

Bestuursverslag 2020 (board report in Dutch) 
Verkorte Jaarrekening 2020 (abbreviated financial statements in Dutch)

Silbersee endorses the 'governance code cultuur' and the 'code culturele diversiteit'. Our institution has the ANBI-status. Silbersee receives subsidy from the Fonds Podiumkunsten (FPK) and the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK). For more information about becoming a Friend or donor you can mail us at info@silbersee.com.