Silbersee is a kaleidoscopic troupe. A somewhat chaotic family of kindred spirits around singer and farmer's son Romain Bischoff. We are rooted in opera, but open wide the windows and doors to idiosyncratic talents from a wide variety of genres and disciplines. With the voice as the primal instrument, we give sound to that which needs to be heard. The things that truly matter; themes such as inclusion, ecology and artificial intelligence. We enjoy working with others and making performances about the world of today and the world of the future. Towards greater sustainability.

 We are curious, always searching and constantly evolving. We love to experiment and celebrate every failure. Along the way, we face challenges such as aging, racism and urbanization. We feel the urgency to speak out. To mix, to brew and to plough. And to always look for new art forms, extraordinary cross-pollinations and unexpected outcomes. Opera is for everyone. Really. Whether you're a farmer, barber or director. Silbersee is there for people, for animals, for earth. Our voices count, but so do yours. From radical left to radical right. 

Our ambitions are big. We want to play the role of pioneer and innovator in the field. Not only artistically, but also socially. Our goal is therefore to be a climate-positive production house in 2027 and to no longer have any negative effect on the environment, on raw material resources and on society. Read more about our path to 2027 here. 

Silbersee can be found on small and large stages, festivals and at unexpected indoor and outdoor locations and receives structural funding from the Performing Arts Fund and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.